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Why Choose Sunrise

Reliable solar photovoltaic modules and system solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers
Products through the international and domestic a number of quality and strict testing certification
Haoyu photovoltaic has business all over the world, and the control of power station quality runs through every stage of project development


Stralsund Germany

نوع الوحدة: SR-M660330HL
Capacity: 750KW
سنة التثبيت: 2020


Falköping Sweden

نوع الوحدة: SR-M660325HL
Capacity: 110KW
سنة التثبيت: 2020


كلايبيدا ليتوانيا

نوع الوحدة: SR-M672360
Capacity: 6.12KW
سنة التثبيت: 2019

Provide one-stop service, save users a variety of communication costs

Convenient service

Stable returns

Our company is in a stable financial position and it is a wise choice for long-term investment to cooperate with us

Operation support

Assist in daily sales management, event promotion and business and technical support for major projects

Promotional support

Continue strong online and outdoor advertising, will participate in the local BBS, exhibition and other social activities

Tremendous strength

More than 10 years of management experience

in the photovoltaic industry, component product are widely sold at home and abroad

Solid team

With the industry's leading technology and after-sales team, to ensure cost-effective solutions and worry about after-sales

Why The Dealer Choose us

Cooperative Partner

Integrity values, good business channels and high-end contacts


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